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Born in Manly, Australia. Here at twohundredº we are passionate about high-quality, beautiful, but highly functional accessories for your home. We are also passionate about coffee and don’t believe that you should have to pay for someone else to make your coffee not quite the way you like it… That’s why we bring you the twohundredº cold brew coffee maker. Cold brewing coffee means the beans are never scorched, which eliminates the bitterness from the taste. By slowly infusing cold water through the coarse grounds, you get only the smooth flavor of the coffee bean as it was intended, and nothing else.  The twohundredº cold brew coffee maker is not only highly functional in that it will prepare for you a perfect brew every time by following the easy step by step instructions, but it is also a perfectly crafted item of beauty that will complement any kitchen and impress guests in any table setting. The elegant glass carafe with the high quality stainless steel filter is simple and beautiful. The shape allows for an easy, natural grip of the carafe, meaning clean lines are uninterrupted by unnecessary features such as a handle. This is a cold brew infuser for the aesthetic-conscious buyer.

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