3 Reasons Why You Need Cold Brew in Your Life


Cold brewing is an alternative to hot water preparation of coffee or tea. It’s prepared by steeping the grounds or leaves in cold or room temperature water overnight for 12-24 hours. Coffee connoisseurs report that cold brewing results a smoother richer beverage, that is lower in acidity, so it rarely needs sweetening. This results in a healthier beverage that won’t provoke gastrointestinal issues. Here’s 3 reasons why you should try cold brewing right away:


Coffee beans contain various oils, acids and aromatic substances that are most easily extracted in near boiling water. When you steep coffee grounds in room temperature water it takes far longer for them to break down and for the acid to escape. This results in a drink with lower acidity, which makes it far smoother with less bitterness. Cold brewed coffee actually tastes like the smell of roasted coffee beans. Prefer your coffee hot? Don’t worry, it tastes as incredible heated up as it does over ice.

Cold Brew Infusing


We’ve mentioned the lower acidity of cold brewed coffee already, but why is this important?

    • Acid is what gives hot coffee it’s distinctive sharpness; it’s why so many need sweetener in coffee. Given that cold brew is smoother and less bitter, you may find that you don’t need to sweeten it all.
    • Our stomachs need balance and sometimes foods and drinks with high acidity can throw that natural balance off. If you get heartburn or acid-reflux after drinking coffee, you need to try cold brew. All the taste, none of the after-effects.
    • Hate the way your breath smells or your teeth discolor after drinking coffee? That’s the acid again. Drinking cold brew won’t stop this completely, but it will reduce significantly. I think we’d all appreciate that.



Buying cold brew at your local coffee shop or store is expensive, as much as $4 for a small cup. Cold brewing is so simple you can do it at home – take a look at the recipe here. This brews up a concentrated coffee so it’ll go twice as far and, what’s more, because of the low acidity you can make up a large batch and it’ll stay fresh for days in the fridge. With a rich, smooth and delicious cup of coffee waiting in the fridge each morning, think of the savings you’ll make!

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