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How to Make Cold Brew

What’s the best coffee for cold brewing?

A question we often get from new customers is: Where can I get coffee for cold brewing? Can I just use regular coffee? It’s a good question and one that comes with great news – you really can use any coffee for cold brewing!  That said there are a few caveats.  First and foremost, you’re going […]


Roasting Beans

How to Cold Brew Coffee with Milk Instead of Water

Before we start: Have you checked out Brave? It’s a new browser that is faster, protects your privacy and blocks ads and trackers.  And it’s free – check it out here – Last week we had a question from a customer on Amazon – Caroline asked us: Can you brew the coffee with milk instead […]


Milk Brew Ingredients

Can I Cold Brew Tea?

A question we often get from customers is “Can I cold brew tea in my twohundredº coffee maker?”. The answer is a resounding – Yes! Cold brewed tea is delicious. Like cold brewed coffee, tea prepared in this way is smoother and less bitter. The floral notes of the tea get accentuated, making it far […]


Iced Tea with Grapefruit

3 Reasons Why You Need Cold Brew in Your Life

WHAT IS COLD BREW? Cold brewing is an alternative to hot water preparation of coffee or tea. It’s prepared by steeping the grounds or leaves in cold or room temperature water overnight for 12-24 hours. Coffee connoisseurs report that cold brewing results a smoother richer beverage, that is lower in acidity, so it rarely needs […]


Cold Brew Infusing

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