Can I Cold Brew Tea?

A question we often get from customers is “Can I cold brew tea in my twohundredº coffee maker?”.

The answer is a resounding – Yes!

Cold brewed tea is delicious. Like cold brewed coffee, tea prepared in this way is smoother and less bitter. The floral notes of the tea get accentuated, making it far better all round than standard iced tea.

In this post, we’ll talk about why you can cold brew tea and why you’ll want to only cold brew tea from now on!

Less bitterness, more taste

Hot water extracts more catechins and caffeine from the leaves than cold water will. Catechins and caffeine are where that distinctive bitterness comes from. Brewing in cold water brings a different balance to the drink, leaving it sweeter and smoother. That said, length of time brewing and type of tea leaves will extract more from the leaves so experiment to find your perfect taste!

Love Iced Tea or Sun Tea?

Cold brewing is a perfect way to enjoy those old favorites. Iced tea is either hot tea chilled (so it pulls out all those bitter notes, already discussed) or it is hot tea over ice cubes which dilutes the tea. With sun tea you are leaving sugary water in the sun for hours which can turn quickly into a breeding ground for bacteria. Cold Brewed tea is perfect way to enjoy all your favorites with more taste, less bitterness and less chance of creating a bacteria petri-dish.

Fewer Tannins

Tannins are extracted in greater quantity in hot tea, they are partly to blame for the bitterness you get with hot tea. Fewer tannins therefore results in a smoother and sweeter brew but there are health benefits as well. It has been suggested that tannins may inhibit the absorption of iron from certain foods, making cold brew tea better than it’s hot counterpart in this respect.

Can I cold brew all teas?

Yes, but be aware. Certain ‘teas’, particularly herbal teas aren’t heat treated and so can contain bacteria that is usually killed in boiling water whilst preparing. In this instance, you should run boiling water through the leaves first, before cold brewing them.

How do I cold brew tea?

Well, here is our recipe – Cold Brew Iced Tea

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