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Cold Brew Coffee Mocha Recipe

You will need: • 2 shots Original Cold Brew Coffee • 2 cups Milk • Alternatively, substitute 2 shots cold brew coffee and 2 cups milk with 2 1/2 cups of milk-brewed coffee – see our blog post for more information • 1oz Chocolate syrup or Chocolate powder • 1 scoop whipped cream • Chocolate […]


Cold Brew Coffee Mocha

Iced Cold Brew Toffee Latte Recipe

A delicious, sweet twist on the classic latte. You will need: 2oz Original Cold Brew Coffee 1oz praline syrup 1oz chocolate syrup 1oz Caramel syrup 8-12oz milk Ice Grated chocolate and toffee shavings to serve   Pour 2oz of Original Cold Brew Coffee into a tall glass Mix in the praline syrup, chocolate syrup, and […]


Iced Toffee Latte

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