Original Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

You’ll need:

  • twohundredº Cold Brew Coffee Maker
  • 1 cup coarsely ground coffee
  • 32oz cold water

Your twohundredº cold brew coffee maker brews a strong coffee concentrate, so it’ll go twice as far!

  • Put 1 cup of coarsely ground coffee into the filter. You can use finer grounds, but the coffee may be cloudy as coffee dust seeps through, in this instance simply run the coffee through a paper filter before serving (not included)
  • Place the filter into the carafe and pour cold water through the grounds up to the 32oz mark
  • Leave in the fridge or counter top overnight – 12-24 hours
  • Remove filter after brewing. You can move the silicon ring to the removable top to create a lid without using the filter
  • To serve, pour into a glass and dilute with an equal portion of water, milk or half and half. Sweeten with sugar syrup (available in the free eBook, available here) if desired and top with ice.
Original Cold Brew Coffee

Original Cold Brew. So delicious!

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